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Box Type Oven

Product Details

Box Type Ovens with trolley consist of demounted sandwich type panels. The insulation material used between the panels is 60kg/m3 rock wool and glass wool

The heating unit is made of stainless steel, there is no flame, fire, soot, pollution, dust coming up to the jeans so there is no mark, shade or smell on the jeans.

There are special air ducts and blowing vents inside the oven in order to assure homogeneous distribution of hot air through the oven.

The oven reaches to set temperature at start-up within 25-30 minutes. The maximum temperature difference between all the points inside the oven is 30C. As reaching the set temperature, the automatic temperature limiter is activated so that the set temp.

Oven is used freely on normal ground and channels at the bottom of oven to help trolley getting inside freely.

Natural gas, LPG tubes, fuel oil or electrical heating options available.

Minimum energy consumption, maximum output will get.

Team Star BD