Our machine is Eco Friendly, Sustainable & Energy Efficiency system.

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Team Star BD

Dip Dyeing Machine

Product Details

This machine can dye multi-colour products. The lifting operation can be set to all automatic or manual control. it is easy to operate & it's widely used for dyeing Sweater, patterned yarns or shirts and pants of various colours. we have the higest technology for Dip Dyeing machine such as PLC Automation, touch screen controller..

The water tank fill with chemical and color, it is made with 316 stainless steel with anti-corrosion, for the strong chemical may damage the tank.

There are the steam heating pipe under the machine to make the water temperature same.

The machine with hydraulic stations to control the garment up and down. It is very stable. And there is water circulation to prevent the chemical precippitation.

Team Star BD Team Star BD